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*Only local hires in Japan


We are looking for a senior and mid-level software developer to engage in our drone and UGV business. Our UGV business is advancing their technology from parks to public roads and new initiatives for the drone business. We need skilled developers to help scale the systems and adapt to the new environment.


Ideal candidate:

- have a strong interest in Drone or UGV business

- able to speak in Japanese to communicate with the business. If not min English to communicate with our international team

- strong technical background with drive to be one of the core members to drive this business


Role & Responsibility

-help scale and create new feature to adapt to the business requirements

-not only develop but deploy and maintain the product

-lead other developers

*UGV is not the only project there would be other projects coming in for the business growth


Minimum / Preferred qualifications


- have 7+ years in C# development with .Net core framework experience

- have public cloud experience ideally in Azure if not others

- have experience in operations using technologies as kuburnetes, docker, Jenkins.



- Experience in leading a team, giving technical solutions, ideas

- Experience in Drone related software development (UTM, Fleet Management etc).

- Experience in E-commerce software development

- Speaks Japanese


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